Thursday, March 12, 2009

Still waiting

I thought I'd better clarify a few things. When I refer to Dh i actually mean dear husband not d***head as a few of you are summising. I might think it sometimes but I would never say it out loud or put it in print. LOL. If I refer to SWMBO I mean she who must be obeyed. We are still playing the waiting game. The trailer is being signwritten at the moment and as soon as it is ready we will be on our way. I had a lovely couple of days, Tuesday was spent sewing with some of my lovely sewing friends at Julia's and yesterday I had my flu needle. Spent yesterday afternoon with another couple of friends at their farm. The mail has been diverted, the bus is loaded, the farewell drinks have been and gone, my car has gone, now we just need to say goodbye to the kids and we are ready to go. Talk again soon

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