Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The view from our Park site
Wednesday 18th March 2009
Firstly Happy Birthday Lurline. I hope you had a very happy day.
We left the campsite at 9am and arrived in Esperance at 10 past 11 a short total of 187kms of travel yesterday. We checked into the Esperance Seafront Caravan Park and our site is in the front opposite the beach front. Now we had a little bit of trouble backing in. This was my first time at directing the bus & trailer into its parking spot. I looked the part, Radio in my hand watching that DH didn’t hit the tree on one side and the white posts on the other. I stood in the place I was told to. Everything looked fine on my side. However on the other side was a different story the trailer was wrapping itself around the bus. We didn’t realise until we were parked up. DH couldn’t hear anything and the left hand side is in his blind spot. I looked from the back and all was OK. I didn’t realise I had to run from one side to the other and up towards the middle and be in about 5 places at once. So we dented the new paintwork on the trailer.


I was not very popular though I must say DH was quite restrained and didn’t yell much. It was probably because our friend Lorraine pulled in just as we parked up that I was excused from a verbal bashing. Anyway all is now well. We visited our friend’s Florist Shop and it is amazing watching her and her staff create these masterpieces in a matter of minutes. We had dinner with Ray and Lorraine last night and caught up on old times. Lorraine is an excellent cook and didn’t disappoint DH by whipping up a Lemon Meringue Pie. She is well known for her gourmet Tortes etc. And at one time was cooking for a bakery. She is a very talented lady. Today we awoke to showers of rain so we drove around taking photos and doing the touristy things. We visited Mermaid Leather. It was a lovely factory where they tan fish skins for leather and fashion them into handbags, shoes, pens, jewellery and even furniture. There was a gorgeous bag made from Stingray leather that had my name on it. However it didn’t come home with me. The beaches here are very stunning, but it is a bit cool and windy for swimming.

Parked up in Esperance

Talk again soon

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Julia said...

Oh dear Jan...I thought all your dramas were over!
it'll be nice to relax there for a few days..
hugs julia ♥