Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lunching in the Swan Valley

the finished socks & ottaman

I had a wonderful day yesterday, lunching with a couple of friends in the lovely Swan Valley. We dined at a local winery and I watched while my friends enjoyed a bottle of wine amongst the lovely acres of winding grapevines. (I am virtually a non drinker these days)The restaurant also grow their own produce and their asparagus is divine. We also shared an icecream seeped with fig and with muscat drizzled over it. Mmm mmm truly decadent. I finished the day off by purchasing some beautiful grapes for DH on the way home. Now wasn't that nice? No wonder he loves me sooo much Lurline. Bill checked at the bus and maybe fingers crossed, when this latest problem is sorted out we can be on our way. I purchased some wool for his lordships socks hopefully it will win his approval. Meanwhile I have nearly finished one sock of my second pair a much improvement from the first pair. We are having friends over for dinner tonight and Bill is doing roast lamb and all the vegies followed by Sticky Date Pudding. (which I might add he brought from our local restaurant)

Another finished blanket for another granddaughter

Talk again soon


Julia said...

Hi sexy socks!
Sounds like you had fun...
Hope all goes well, for a get away next week..
Julia ♥

lynnie said...

nice look jan happy knitting for the next ones love lynnie