Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's all a Drama!

You wouldn’t read about it. What a drama!!!! My day started off well yesterday, I left home about 7.45am and drove to the WA Quilters Association sewing day with my friend Teena. We had a lovely day sewing hexagons to be given to the ladies in Victoria who have been affected by the bushfires over there. We decided that they may need them as therapy during the long rebuilding process. We succeeded in making 20 sets of hexagon flowers during the day. Teena & I left early as Bill had rang to say the bus was ready to be picked up. Finally. I arrived home about 3pm and we then made our way up to Welshpool to bring the bus home. On the way there I received a phone call from Calico & Ivy (A wonderful patchwork shop in Mosman Park) to say that a pattern I had ordered a few weeks ago is available now. I dropped Bill off and I had 45 minutes to get over to the shop before it closed. The TomTom took me through Perth and up Stirling Highway in peak hour traffic. To make things worse I took the wrong turnoff in Perth and ended up on the freeway going south. After a detour through South Perth via Mill Point Road I got back on track and headed towards the shop. I had about 6 kms to go when the radio gave the 5 o’clock news. I prayed that there would be a few late shoppers and that they wouldn’t close on time. When I arrived at the shop it was full of ladies doing last minute shopping, I was able to retrieve the pattern and headed off towards home. I was 5 minutes away from home when I received a distressed phone call from Bill the bus was broken down on the side of the highway about 20 klms from home. I turned around and joined him in the wait for the mechanics. They duly arrived and started to scratch their heads and pull and push a few buttons or two (in other words they hadn’t a clue). It was time for the big boys. It had to be towed back to Welshpool so they could work out the problem. They had to disengage the tail shaft in preparation for the heavy tow truck to be able to tow the old girl back to the workshop. It is starting to look like the old girl has a permanent home there. They left us about 8.30pm and we began the long wait for the tow truck to arrive. We were starving by then and I knew if I left the tow truck would arrive. About 10 I thought I would grab something to eat from good old Hungry Jacks up the road it wasn’t an easy move as I couldn’t turn around where I was (It is a 4 lane highway) I had to drive further up where I could do a legal U turn. As I drove up the other side of the highway yes you guessed it! The Tow truck was coming towards the bus. I figured I still had time as it had to be hitched up; I proceeded to pick up our fat laden dinner. The bus was still being attached when I arrived back so Bill wasn’t sitting all alone on the side of the road waiting for me. Finally the Truck & bus moved off and we passed it limping up the road as we made our way home. I think we made a wrong move when we changed the gearbox from manual to automatic. No I don’t think the bus is jinxed. We arrived home about 11pm. What a day. What a saga. Somehow I don’t think we will be leaving on Monday as planned. I had intended to write about my son’s 38th birthday and absolutely embarrass him with a baby photo on the blog but I completely missed that. Happy Birthday son, hope you have many more.

The old girl in happier times

Talk again soon


Lurline said...

Oh, Jan - I kept waiting for really bad news as I was reading - guess you and Bill aren't too happy today - hope all goes well from here on in!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Julia said...

Oh Jan,
it's been one thing after another with the bus, surely that's it now and you'll be on your way soon...
Hugs julia ♥

lynnie said...

what a drama it sounds like a scene from one of the national lampoon saga !! you should of called me and i would of got the pattern for you. when i was reading the blog i was conjouring up pictures in my head will laugh about this one day i'm sure all my good thoughts for your journey love lynnie