Sunday, February 15, 2009

The countdown begins

The countdown is on. We are getting so close to departure date. We hope to leave on Monday 23rd all going well. We have had a couple of setbacks. Firstly the mechanics left their torch on the radiator so consequently when they started the motor it sucked the torch into the radiator damaging the fan and the radiator. However that has now been all fixed. The gearbox is running smoothly. The satellite TV is now set up for pay TV. Why do we need it? Because we can I suppose. The latest problem is the speedo cable which was broken when the gearbox was put in again in Port Hedland. The bus was supposed to be here last Friday, but the same old story maybe Monday? Maybe not? We are waiting for the bus to be finished so that we can clean it and reload it and also so the signwriter can match the decal colours for the decal to be put on the trailer and we also need to service the bus. So much to do and so little time to do it in. I will keep you updated. Meanwhile I went along to sewing last Tuesday hoping to be able to get some help finishing my sock (and I mean sock I haven't even contemplated the matching one). Lynnie wasn't there to help so with some assistance from Julia I managed to work out where I was in the pattern and have managed to get the toe done. Thanks heaps Julia. Now I need more help!!! The pattern says to graft the toe. What language is this? If you read this Lynnie Please I need your help. I also have forgotten how to cast on in the special way I was taught. Here is the nearly finished sock.

Talk to you soon Jan

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Julia said...

Oh's nearly a sock!
Perhaps Lynnie will be there on Tuesday..if not I'll try to help you..
Hugs Julia ♥