Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A little bit of Trivia

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I wasn't particularly well but I still managed to finish my ottaman for the bus. It took 9 bags of filling and three trips to the shop but it was finished. I used denim as it is going in the bus I wanted to make sure it is hardwearing. I intend to put my feet up while I'm quilting, knitting crocheting, whatever and it should make life as bit more comfortable. We both fight over who is going to lay on the sofa to watch tellie of an evening with Bill always winning. Would you believe we are both scorpios so we do fight for our own territories. Meanwhile we still have no good news on the bus front. The mechanics haven't even been able to look at the bus yet. They had an urgent job they had to attend to. Now how urgent is our job? As it is on warranty I guess they intend to put it on the backburner a bit. But as we were supposed to leave yesterday I consider it is now extremely urgent. On the socks front I have reached the toe so I should have it finished soon.

Talk again soon


Julia said...

Hi Jan, sorry to see your've been sick over the weekend, hope your feeling better now..
Ottaman looks great...just the one for you!
You would have been on your way by now...so we'll get to see you again before you go..
Well done on the socks, hope I can remember how to do them again.
Hope to see you soon..
Julia ♥

lynnie said...

you are clever jan i can just picture you with your sripey feet up on your puffy love lynnie