Thursday, February 19, 2009

I finished a sock

Wow one down & one to go the finished sock
I decided today I wouldn't talk motorhomes. Yesterday I actually finished one sock and started a new one. Thanks to Teena I found a websight with a video that showed the grafting of the socks and another website that showed the provisional cast on. It was great! It was like having lynnie
at home with me. I could replay her over and over as many times as I wanted, which I did for the cast on as I couldn't get the hang of it at first. It took me a while to figure out how to join the circle but now I'm going great guns. The first sock is a bit loose around the ribbing, much improved with the second one. Never mind it is my first attempt and I can only get better. I may even knit some for his lordship. I promised him about 20 years ago that I would knit him some socks. You never know your luck in the big city. Today I'm going to sew the big cushion for the bus. Seeing as I had trouble getting the pattern I think I will use it straight away before something else goes wrong. I've picked out the fabric and the grafting paper so my mission today is to get it started. Talk again soon


Julia said...

Sock looks great...good for you Jan.
Today, you sound much better than yesterday...nothing else is going to go wrong..think positive!
Hope you kept the video link for the sock. I would love to have it please Jan...Forgot already how to graft the toe!
Hugs julia ♥

Lurline said...

Nicest sock I have ever seen - his Lordship deserves a pair, because he loves you soooo much! Looking forward to your cushion - don't make his Lordship too comfortable as he won't bring you home! Not quiet as chirpy as I sound - you know what they say 'laugh and the world laughs with you'!
Hugs - Lurline♥