Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Smoky Bay and leaving Ceduna

I spoke too soon!!  We went to pick up the battery for the other computer, and found out that it wasn't due to arrive in Ceduna until the 19th August.  As we are leaving tomorrow this wasn't an option, so we will try again in Kalgoorlie.

 I thought I would share three photos that were taken when we drove over to Smoky Bay on Sunday as nothing much has happened worth mentioning in the last two days.

 I should revise that; there were two very special events that happened but in WA not here, namely two birthdays, Grandson Corey turned 21 on Monday and his mum turned 40 on Tuesday.  Happy Birthday to you both.  Tomorrow we head off for the Nullarbor our estimated first stop will be to Fowlers Bay where we have been told you can watch the whales just off shore.  Our internet and phone reception will vary from now on until we reach Kalgoorlie, so probably won't be blogging for a short while.  Now don't forget to do your census tonight.

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