Sunday, August 7, 2011


Parked in the Caravan Park
We have settled in the Airport Caravan Park in Ceduna and have been without the company of Lance and Kay, who left here on Thursday for the trip across the Nullarbor.  Have caught up on the washing and cleaning and the bus has had its tyres rotated, oil checked and refilled with water. I think this is the first caravan park we have been in for over a year.  We are waiting on a battery for Bill’s computer which suddenly went kaput the other day.  That should arrive Tuesday or Wednesday and then we too will be crossing the Nullarbor and heading to Kalgoorlie.  That's if of course things go to plan, I have learn't that this isn't always the case.  We went for a spin out to Denial Bay yesterday which is about 10klms out of town. 
The Jetty at Denial Bay
This is a small fishing town mainly for the farming of oysters.
The view from Rocky Point

 Another quick drive out to Rocky Point and then we viewed Mackenzie’s ruins. 
The ruins remaining of the old farmhouse
 McKenzie’s Ruin is all that is left of former farmhouse of a Pioneer Farmer of Denial Bay a blacksmith, builder, harbour Master who settled here in the 1860’s who assisted many settling in surrounding areas and condensed stock water from the sea Mac’s slogan was “You can’t grow wheat with your hands in the pocket” This is quoted on the plaque in front of the ruins. 
The plaque marking MacKenzie's Ruins
 Today we drove over to Smoky Bay for another look.  It doesn’t seem to have changed much since we last visited here in 2009.  Another sleeping fishing village with lovely outlooks to the sea. Again oyster farming seems to be the main occupation.
The plane that just arrived at the Airport
  Bill went next door to the Airport just as a plane was arriving, and they allowed him to board the plane to take some photos. 
Inside the cockpit
 They radioed ahead for fish and chips and they were duly delivered out to the airport.  As you would.
I thought I would give you a preview of the rug I am crocheting for dear G.Grandson.  I played around with a pattern I used earlier and adapted it a bit.  Using the primary colours it should be suitable for a little boy.
  We have met another couple in the Park who hail from WA, and also HF Radio members.  Paul and Diane will join us for happy hour today.

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