Monday, August 22, 2011

Esperance revisited

I had forgotten just how beautiful our beaches are, with the waters colour range between aqua and midnight blue to the contrast of the white sand making them truly picturesque.
I am just disappointed that their true colour doesn’t seem to be apparent in the photos.
Maybe when I learn more about Photoshop elements I will be able to capture the brilliance.  Yesterday Ray played tourist guide and drove us on a round trip to Condingup into Cape Le Grand National Park, to Rossiter Bay, Lucky Bay and Cape le Grand Beach and back to Esperance about 200 klms in all. We visited a part of Western Australia that we hadn't been to before and I must say I was so impressed.
 I was amazed with the texture of some of the mountains such as Frenchman’s Peak.
 It was also fascinating to see the huge rock formations meeting the sea in a blaze of colour and texture. 
 Lunch was at a beautiful spot in lucky Bay overlooking the bay.  We had prepared sandwiches earlier for the trip.  It was a very warm day but very windy in spots and I had to hang on to my hat a couple of times to prevent it being blown away.
Lots of people were enjoying themselves swimming and boating on the waters.  We finished the day with an ice-cream, sitting in a park on the foreshore in Esperance.  Esperance is quite a stunning town with its majestic Palms lining the road on the esplanade, its sculptures and town jetty; reminisce of a holiday spot all year round. Lots of cafes, restaurants and even Tea rooms which boasts a clock tower which emits tunes every so often are to be discovered as you walk around the town.  It is a lovely unspoilt town.  Not long before we make the trek home, can’t wait.

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Julia said...

Beautiful clear photos Jan..
Good to see your back in W.A. and on your way home!
Hope to catch up soon!
Julia ♥