Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Going Home

Here we are parked along side our friend's house in Esperance.

And these are our friendly neighbours

These are the views of Esperance from the back yard
We called in to see fellow motorhomers Joyce and Bert at home, they were busy getting ready for the rally which is being held this weekend in Kalgarin, a combine Big Rig Clan and Highway Wanderers, we hope it will be a blast.
We spent yesterday packing the car ready for the trip home.  There is only just enough room for us to sit and view the rear mirrors.

I think I could fit more in but the Boss says no!!!!
All washing and ironing has been done, Jimny’s fuelled up and ready to go.  So one more sleep and we will be on our way.  Tonight we are dining with our friends at the Gibson Hotel, Lorraine is arriving back from Perth this evening.  We hope to catch up with as many of our family and friends as we possibly can.


Lurline said...

Don't know what to say - are you coming back to your real home?
Tons of love - Lurline♥

Julia said...

Coming home? the little car or the bus?
Like Lurline.don't know what to say!
Julia ♥