Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Eyre Water Hole & Haslam Rest Area

Eyre Water Hole
Two days were spent at the Eyre Water Hole which is (no 716 in the camp 6 situated 5klm South East of Streaky Bay). 
Lance, Kay, Ted, Maryke and me of course Bill is taking the photo
 The first night we enjoyed the company of Maryke and Ted (I Feel Better Now) and Kay and Lance (The Rats Nest) and the second night Maryke and Ted set off for Streaky Bay.
The Water hole
  Eyre Water Hole or “Cooeyana Well” is a historic site; it was once an important water supply for the Nauo, Wiranju and Kokatha people and with early explorers such as Edward John Eyre.  Eyre established his depot here in 1839 on his first expedition to the region.  Explorer Edward John Eyre and his party camped on this site in November 3rd 1840 to replenish their supplies of water on his famous expedition from Port Lincoln around the Great Australian Bite to King George Sound in Albany Western Australia.
Parked at Haslam Rest Area
   We travelled 41klms to the Haslam Rest Area (no 723 Camps 6) on Monday 1st August which is 3klms South of Haslam.  We were rejoined by Maryke and Ted at around lunch time.  The mandatory camp fire was a must and the gathering of wood was the occupation for the day.
Lance's Car with wood on top
  I seemed to catch some sort of virus so I was quite ill for a couple of days however they all enjoyed themselves immensely without me, partying on well into the evenings.
The Craft Corner
  We were all sitting outside our motor home crocheting and talking (as you do) when a couple pulled in on their way to lunch at Streaky Bay.  Chris admired our works of art and we intended to share our patterns via email when our printer was set up in Ceduna.  We jokingly said for them to bring back some ice creams on their way home.  Later on in the day they returned and actually purchase a packet of ice creams.  They spent some time chatting and then were on their way, it was lovely to meet such a lovely family.  We hope to catch up for a coffee with Chris and Ron while we are in Ceduna. 
Ted warming up at the fire
 We set off this morning and about 11am we arrived at the Airport Caravan Park in Ceduna and set up camp, spent the rest of the day doing mundane chores like shopping and washing and organising our tyres on the old girl (bus) to be rotated.  We will stay here at least a week, Kay and Lance will probably move on tomorrow as they need to arrive in WA before us.   Maryke and Ted carried on to a stop further down the track.

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