Thursday, September 2, 2010

I am going to be a Great Granma

Well it's now out of the bag and it is official!!!! Remember a few weeks ago I said I had some news that I was busting my guts to tell you all!!!! This is it!!!! Our lovely eldest grand daughter is expecting her first baby ealry next year and can't you tell I am really excited. They have now got their first ultrasound pictures and everything is going really well. We are so pleased for Jess and Chris and also for their parents Bill and Brenda. There are lots of exciting times ahead. Hard to imagine that I have got a son that is old enough to be a grandfather and that we are being blessed by becoming great grandparents.

We arrived on Tuesday in Grafton and have settled down at the Greyhound Track.

Talk again soon

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Julia said...

OMG Jan that's wonderful news!!!
Congratualations to everyone.
How exciting for you all, you'll be busy now knitting, crocheting and quilting...
Hugs julia ♥