Tuesday, September 28, 2010

South West Rocks

We planned our dummy run to Port Macquarie, our next stopover on our way South for the CMCA Rally to be held in October. Friday we set off and plotted our route into the venue and also the pre staging area for the Rally. We explored a little of Port Macquarie and had our standard fish & chip meal in the village green. On our return we took a detour just North of Kempsey and discovered the fishing hamlet of South West Rocks.
The local Information Centre was housed in a restored Boatman’s cottage and the gentlemen in attendance were most helpful. South West Rocks was first surveyed in 1866 as part of the town of Arakoon at Trial Bay. It is also well known for many years because of its prominent coastal geography. Trial Bay was noted from earliest times as a valuable haven in southerly gales by all shipping which plied the coast. Because of its northerly aspect and its position midway between Sydney and Brisbane, it was a convenient, sheltered and safe deep-water anchorage. There were quite a lot of holiday makers and they were making the most of the lovely weather to swim in the beach close to the town.

 Not far from one of the camping spots are the ruins of Trial Bay Gaol which stands today as a fascinating lesson in the penal history of New South Wales. From 1915 to 1918 the gaol was used as an internment camp for enemy aliens during World War 1. It has not been used since then. Trial Bay Gaol, standing proudly on picturesque Lagger’s Point, is now a popular tourist attraction.

Sunday we made the usual pilgrimage to the local markets, taking in this week the Jetty Markets at the Jetty Village Shopping Centre. Today we opted to drive over to Bellingen for a more intensive view of the town. We followed a rather scenic route through lovely farm land dotted with lush green pastures dotted here and there with the usual dairy cows. The town itself was lovely and alternative, with Cafe and bakeries popping up everywhere. We made a mad dash for home as the beautiful weather which greeted us in the morning changed dramatically for rain.

Our next stop was to the Marina and to the Fisherman’s Co Operative for some fresh fish for lunch.

 A short 4 wheel drive along the Boambee Beach tapered off our day. Now I ask you why do you need the TV remote when you go out for the day. Bill was surprised when he realised amongst his usual paraphernalia (e.g. GPS, phone etc) that he had absconded with the remote as well. Some mothers have them.  We leave this little corner of paradise on Friday to travel down to Port Macquarie, probably we will stop overnight somewhere on the way

Talk again soon

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Lindi said...

I haven't been to South West Rocks for 40 years! It looks as lovely as it did then. :) You are getting closer to us (Hunter Valley area). I hope you are planning a looong stay around here. Lots to see and do.