Monday, September 13, 2010

Grafton NSW

Saturday morning started out as being rather dismal and unexciting. The weather was very overcast and rain was threatening, but later in the afternoon the sun started to peak through so we decided that on Sunday we would explore Grafton and take some photos.

 We had to take a peek at the famous bridge although it doesn’t look as daunting from a distance.

 Construction of the bridge commenced in 1928 on the Wilson’s Hill site and was of a double deck type providing for rail, road and pedestrian traffic linking Grafton and South Grafton. To provide for the passage of river shipping it was necessary to install a moving span. It was designed to give an opening of approximately 27 metres. The bridge was completed in 1932. The span has now been sealed with the placing of the water mains over the bridge and the cessation of large river craft proceeding upstream beyond the bridge.
 South Grafton has a heritage Shopping precinct and there are some lovely old buildings in the area.
 The lovely serene Clarence River divides Grafton and South Grafton.

 Sunday we decided to go to the movies and enjoyed the Angelina Jolie feature of Salt. It was great viewing and she didn’t let us down with her wonderful action shots. The Saraton Cinema has just been refurbished and only reopened on 2nd of September. It was very elegant and eminent of its heyday in the early century. Today we have been busy doing all the mundane things we need to attend to before we move on and tomorrow we leave for the greener pastures of Coffs Harbour.

This is halfway through a lovely street of old Moreton Bay Fig Trees.
Talk again soon

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