Sunday, September 19, 2010

Coffs Harbour NSW

Our arrival in Coffs Harbour went without incident and we settled in at the Rugby Leagues Club on Tuesday afternoon.
The cars waited patiently for us to go through
 The bridge crossing out of Grafton wasn’t too bad as we managed to tag along behind a B double Aust Post Truck and everyone got out of its way and we just followed.
Yesterday we drove over to Kempsey to our next destination to estimate our route. There is a couple of bridges here that may cause concern but we will see. On the way back we stopped at Fredrickton and sampled the famous Fredo’s pies for a quick bite. In the afternoon we had a tour of the local Crematorium, a long story. Our friend’s son is head gardener there and the gardens are a credit to him, they are in immaculate condition with rows of neatly manicured lawns and flower beds.

Admiring the view at a lookout on the way to Dorrigo
Saturday 18th we headed over to Dorrigo approx 115klms up in the mountains 764 metres above sea level. Their motto is “where the mountains reach the sky”. We travelled through lush dairy pasture into tropical rain forests.
 It always amazes me in this vast country how many beautiful scenic spots there are. We are often asked which is our favourite spot or our favourite state, but it is too hard to choose. This is just such a wonderful country and each area is unique and I feel blessed to just have been able to witness just a little bit of heaven. We drove through Bellingen which was filled with lots of cafes and hosts of visitors, it seems the odd biker or family love the drive up this mountain for a weekend retreat or day trip.

 In Dorrigo we had a lovely lunch at a local Cafe and a visit to the Patchwork shop, Misty Threads.
This Mural was in the street
 Two Kilometres further up was the Dangar Falls. Another beautiful pristine waterfall!!
 The Dorrigo National Park with its skywalk takes you out over the escarpment for a unique close up view of the rainforest canopy. The Dorrigo Rainforest Centre was hosting a challenge quilt show depicting the colours of the Dorrigo. My compliments to the makers they were excellent.
Yes! I know he needs a haircut!!!
We strolled through ancient, magical rainforests and visited the treetops via the Skywalk, the scenery was awe inspiring. From Dorrigo you can explore the natural wonders of 11 National Parks (3 are world heritage) and 6 nature reserves all within an hour’s drive. We had to drag ourselves away for the winding trip back down. We still had a little time left so we drove out to Sawtell to look out the beaches.
 The surf was magnificent it was fantastic to stand on the cliffs and watch the waves crash on to the beach with the wind blowing in your hair.
 A great finish to a lovely day out. Today we visited the two markets here in Coffs, one in town at the car park and the Jetty Markets at the Marina. We just strolled around bantering with the sellers and poking amongst the wares trying to find the ultimate bargain, but returned home with just a bit of fruit and veges.
Talk again soon

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