Monday, August 30, 2010

A Snake in The Grass

Now I don’t mean to infer Bill is a snake in the grass. Definitely not!!! LOL. I wouldn’t dare. Yesterday we were all sitting around on the patio at the amenities block when Bill spied what he thought was a branch moving. You guessed correctly it was a snake believed to be a python. We watched it carefully as it made its way along the grass and across the bitumen towards the pool area. We figured it wasn’t going for a swim as he didn’t have a towel with him. LOL The caretakers attempted to find one of the wildlife experts in the village but unfortunately they were unavailable. We had many a discussion and kept a watchful eye on its movements for the rest of the morning. I know one little brown duck that won’t be wandering around after dark any more. LOL.

 Well all the washing and ironing and cleaning are now up to date and we are again ready to move on. Tomorrow we will head over to Grafton for a couple of weeks.

Talk again soon


Lindi said...

He's a beautiful big one! I don't imagine there would be any mice or rats around the area, at any rate. :)

Vickie and Chris said...

Just a hello to say I am following you when I think of it.
Vickie M