Friday, August 27, 2010

Tenterfield & Stanthorpe

Reception at Casino Village

The Pool at Casino Village (temporary closed due to nesting Plovers)
Wednesday 25th August we popped over to Queensland for a quick visit. In fact we travelled over 400kms (200kms there and 200kms back) for a piece of apple pie. Yes we travelled to Stanthorpe again one last time why? Because we could!! I would have liked to have had a hot Belgian chocolate at Heavenly Chocolate but unfortunately they were closed. After salivating for about 100km at the prospect I must say I was very disappointed. Again the countryside was beautiful, but different to the rainforests we have been in recently. The area around Stanthorpe and Tenterfield remind me of America in winter with the trees barren of leaves but starkly beautiful. Actually here is a bit of trivia. Peter Allen (born Peter Woolnough), one of this country’s most internationally recognized Australian composers, was born in Tenterfield, on February 10th 1944, having grown up with his grandfather, a saddler. In fact he composed a song about his grandfather called the “Tenterfield Saddler” a special musical tribute to his much loved grandfather George Woolnough. Here is the words to this song.
“The late George Woolnough
worked on High Street and lived on Manners
 Fifty Two years he sat on his verandah
And made his saddles

And if you asked questions about sheep, or flowers or dogs
You’d just ask the Saddle who lived without sin
They’re building a library for him

Time is a traveller, Tenterfield Saddler, Turn your head
Ride again jackaroo, Think I see a kangaroo up ahead
The son of George Woolnough

Went off and got married and had a war baby
But something was wrong and it easier to drink than go crazy
And if there are questions about why the end was so sad
Well George has no answers about why a son has need of a gun
The grandson of George has been all round the world
And lives no special place
Changed his name and married a girl with an interesting face
He’d almost forgotten them both
Because in the life he leads
There’s nowhere for George and his library or son with his gun to belong
Except in this song
 Time is a traveller, Tenterfield Saddler, turn your head
Ride again jackaroo, I think I see a kangaroo up ahead

Oh time is a meddler, Tenterfield Saddler make your bed
Fly away cockatoo, down on the ground, emu up ahead”
Peter Allen is of course famous for his role in “The Boy from Oz” and his composure of the song “I still call Australia Home”
Here we are camped at Casino Village 

Some of the homes at Casino Village 

Talk again soon

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