Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mullumbimby NSW

After a wonderful weekend spent babysitting the children we finally left Qld on Monday and arrived in Mullumbimby around noon. We miss them already. We didn’t get near enough hugs and kisses. We set up camp on a lovely grassed area on the outskirts of the Rugby field. There is a home game being played this Sunday so we will have ringside seats to view the game. The Mullumbimby Rugby League Club is our host for the next few weeks. The charges are $25 per night or $150 per week you stay 7 nights for the price of six. Meals are served at the clubhouse on Thursdays and Fridays. There is a Golf course on site and access to the Brunswick River where fishing is the main activity. There is a lovely area for our walks around the property with path and roadways meandering throughout. We drove into town which is close by and the town looks extremely inviting. They say it is the largest small town in NSW. I have already spotted a yarn shop and I must make an appointment for a hair trim otherwise DH will attack me with the clippers. LOL. The local IGA seemed a bit on the expensive side and in salute of the culture living in the area most of the food is organic and tofu seems very popular. Today we decided to drive over to Nimbin a small village about 60kms away.

 I think most people have heard of Nimbin. It is world renown as Australia’s most famous hippie destination and alternative lifestyle capital.

 As I quote directly from the brochure “This internationally famous village is intriguing and quirky with its unique mural streetscape of indigenous rainforest and psychedelic facades and colourful local characters. The colourful shopfront murals along Cullen St create the perfect backdrop for the daily show of unscripted theatre. There are plenty of places to browse, craft shops, galleries, retail outlets, or just sit back enjoy a meal or coffee and watch the passing parade.”

 I have never seen so much smoking implements and paraphernalia in my lifetime. LOL. We enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Stonefish Cafe.

 To get to Nimbin we travelled through some magnificent scenery along a very windy narrow track which meandered its way up and over the hill. On my side was a huge drop I couldn’t even espy the bottom. Canopies of lush green foliage sheltered us from the elements. We drove through Dunoon and this area is very dense with macadamia nut orchards. I believe this area is well known as the Macadamia Capital of Australia.

We detoured off the track and found our way to the Minyon Falls which is situated in the Nightcap National Park

. The photos don’t really show the depth of the area.

 We then drove through picturesque farmland and lush foliage of the surrounding hills and drove through the village of Rosebank. Then we drove through the village of The Channon (is home to the original North Coast Craft market and their philosophy is “make it bake it and grow it”) and then continued on to Nimbin via the scenic Tuntable Creek Road. It took us nearly 3 hours to get there but the views were breathtaking. We came home through Lismore, Clunes (it is said to be the birthplace of the area’s dairy industry), Bangalow and back into Mullumbimby. We stopped briefly in Lismore and I popped into the local Spotlight store and managed to get some wool I have been looking for. Lismore looks like a lovely town much larger than here. The weather here is pretty perfect with lovely sunshine, but a little bit windy overnight. Tomorrow we are thinking of going over to Byron Bay.

Talk again soon

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