Saturday, August 8, 2009

Townsville North Qld

The Waterfall on The Strand
Townsville!!!!!!-now what can I say about Townsville. It is a very big city with lots of shopping centres. I managed to escape for a day with some other ladies for some much needed retail therapy. Townsville is surrounded by mountains and it even has a hill right smack in the middle of town called Castle Hill, lots of joggers and walkers climb it everyday. It is about 3,000ft high. Along the foreshore is a lovely area called The Strand with a lovely walkway and lots of water activities for families. We have been here just over a week, and are camped on private property with about 7 other motorhomers.

View of the town from Castle Hill

Every evening around 4 o'clock we gather around for happy hour followed by Camp oven cooking and BBq's and lots of camaraderie. We are all up early and walk around the property some are faster than others.

Magnetic Island in the distance

Last weekend we drove up to Paluma and into the spectacular wet tropics rainforrest. We feasted on Hot homemade scones at McClelland's Lookout in one of the lovely cafes in the village, gazing out over panoramic scenery.

The view from McCelland's Lookout

We drove up the mountain which is very steep and I was starting to get a bit dizzy going round all the bends. I didn't dare look over the side. We drove back through Hidden Valley and again the scenery changed into more farmland. We even saw some cattle who looked like they were having a stop work meeting in the centre of the road. We drove on to Ingham and cane fields was the order of the day. We stopped at the Fresh Mango far and succumbed to a tropical fruit icecream, mine was coconut and Dh had ginger. Yummee!!!!!
Talk again soon


Lurline said...

Lovely to journey a little further with you both! It's been a long time since I've been to Townsville - never did like it much, but of course it would have changed a lot over the years! My aunt and uncle lived there for many years at Hermit Park - I remember the Ross River flooding and having all sorts of animals in the house - even the chooks! As the waters subsided I saw the biggest, ungliest toads in the world, lol!
I'm so happy for you that you have had such lovely company along the way!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Julia said...

Lovely seeing your travels..
I have a girlfriend Jenny Ingle in Kirwan, Townsville, she coming to Perth next month for a nurses reunion at Peel hospital...
Stay safe and look forward to more of your travels..
Julia ♥