Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sticky Date Pudding

Sticky Date Pudding Yummo
As we are busy packing and preparing for the 1300km drive tomorrow to Brisbane I thought I would reflect on the past week. Again there has been lots of happy hours and BBQs around the fire. Saturday night we prepared sweets for everyone so I opted for the old faithful sticky date pudding. I decided to put them in the muffin trays and I must say they turned out very well. They went down a real treat. I have been crocheting and patchworking whenever I find a free spot in my day and I have managed to complete a milk jug cover my first effort using the finer cotton and hook. The next one should be better.

My first effort at a Milk Jug cover

Yesterday I went to the movies. There is a Readings Cinema here in Townsville so I was able to use my rewards card. I chose to see "My Sister's Keeper" having previously read the book by Jodi Picoulett. I wasn't disappointed it was a real tear jerker. Not quite as dramatic as the book but still very well acted. I couldn't persuade Bill to come with me so I went alone. He did some minor repairs about the bus that long needed fixing. We also broke our chair which is under warranty but without a receipt we are unable to change it. So that too may have to be fixed or invest in a new one. I am looking forward to the trip tomorrow down to Brisbane. We estimate it will take us 2 days to arrive there. Maybe the first stop will be in Bundaberg, depends on how far we get. It will be great to catch up with the family from this side of Australia.

Parked up in Townsville

Talk again soon

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Julia said...

My Favourite dessert..
have a safe trip down to Brissie..
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