Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another week in Sunny Townsville Qld

The view of Townsville from Mt Stuart

I can't really believe that another week has gone by here in paradise. Last Saturday we drove over to Homehill about 103kms away for the local Craft Extravaganza in the Uniting Church hall. It was absolutely packed wall to wall of quilting shops, beading and every other craft you could think of!! It was very well represented. I managed to slip another bag pattern in my bag to go home (yes another bag pattern) I actually visited the stallholder's studio this week in Townsville very nice and a very talented lady. DH was quite happy at the fair as they were selling damper baked in camp ovens by fellow travellers so I was able to escape to browse the stalls in utter peace while havachat discussed the pros and cons of the damper making. Sunday we drove up Mt Stuart and we were amazed that there was a local BMX meet and the riders actually rode down the mountains on a really rugged track specially formulated next to the main road . Very Bizarre I am glad I didn't have to ride it. When we reached the top the view was amazing.

We were a lot higher than the other mountains and could see for miles. I wasn't very well during the week some virus that must have been around but we did manage to drive up into the Hervey Ranges where there is a lovely Tea Rooms where they sell the $50 coffee. Its the one made out of the beans that have been reconstituted by some sort of cat from Indonesia then cleaned up. It didn't sound very exciting but judging by the comments in the book it must have been quite enjoyable.

We cooked up baked apples around the campfire on Thursday night they went down a treat especially with cream and icecream. Hey it was light icecream give me a break. I only allow myself chocolate one day a week and we walk every morning around the property.

The Brolgas

Some of the other guests on the property who join us on our walk

There is alot of birdlife around the area every night we have the curlews and during the day there are lots of mudlarks, Ibis and Brolgas. There are one or two kangaroos also. e will be here for at least another week. On Thursday we are driving the Jimny down to Brisbane for a family event and we are looking forward to catching up with the family for a few days.

Talk again soon

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Lurline said...

Having fun in Townsville - of course a Craft Fair at Home Hill would help! I could write a book travelling along with you - Home Hill - we travelled from Brisbane to Charters Towers for many years when I was a littly and right up into my teens - remember the train pulling in at Home Hill, maybe tea and scones!
Hugs - Lurline♥