Saturday, August 29, 2009

Townsville again

I am not sure what this flower is but it is quite lovely don't you think
It is starting to get hotter and more humid here now. I feel sorry for you all over in the west with your cold and rainy days but I think we need to move a little more South to where its a bit cooler. We arrived back here on Tuesday in time for happy hour and I'm sure that you aren't really interested in the mundane things we have been doing since them. The Jimny will have a service on Monday and I think we will probably move on to Emerald perhaps on Tuesday. Another couple have moved into the camp and she is a quilter so we have been having lots of fun with show and tell. She is able to do lots of sewing because they have plenty of Solar panels when not plugged into power. So when we get some more Solar Panels I may be able to get some sewing done also. It probably won't be before we get to Brisbane.

The props for the new Narnia Movie in Cleveland Point

We have to be in Rockhampton on the 28th Sept for the CMCA Rally and we have found a camp spot near 1770 for after the rally that we can stay in when the kids are there. We are now preparing to move on. So I will soon have some more exciting news to share with you. Yeh!! Only 3 months until we fly home for Christmas. But I'm not counting.

Our spread for Brunch

Talk again soon

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