Monday, August 24, 2009

Bororen Central Qld

Hello again, What a weekend we just had. We left Townsville at 6am on Thursday and drove 1200kms down the Bruce Highway for 12 1/2 hours with just stops for fuel and Lunch. We stayed in a motel at of all places Childers, home of the infamous Backpacker fires. After we checked in I had a most enjoyable shower it was utter bliss. To have continuous hot water and able to wash your hair without turning the taps off inbetween to conserve water. It is amazing how your priorities change when you are on the road. Childers is a quaint little town, consisting of a lot of historic buildings, and great hillside views. I would like to spend some time here when we aren't in such a hurry. Friday we gently cruised into Brisbane, or at least until we arrived at the Gateway Bridge. They are busy upgrading the Motorway and the GPS did a wobbly halfway across as it didn't have the new sections programmed in. However we managed to get across to Cleveland without any misshaps. We arrived at our son's house around 12pm. Some of the guests had already arrived the night before. We managed to check into our hotel around 2 and then left for a BBQ and to watch the youngest grandson play in his soccer match. Saturday we were driven across to the other side of Brisbane for the other grandson's soccer match. It was great to be able to watch them play for the first time. We all gathered at the local Thai Restaurant for the birthday celebrations on Saturday evening and a most enjoyable meal was enjoyed by all. Great food, great family and great friends you can' beat that combination. Sunday there was no rest for the wicked we were off to more feasting and celebrations. A lovely Brunch was enjoyed by us all at one of our son's friend's gorgeous house. Again what a spread, Bill's famous Baked Beans were made by the DIL (The recipe has been passed down thru the family), there were pancakes, bacon and eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes and muffins along with the champagne and Orange. We all vegged out in the afternoon too full to do much. Afterwards we drove to Cleveland Point where the new Narnia movie is being filmed. Took some happy snaps of the pirate ship which I will show you all next time I blog. After another pleasant evening with just the family and a good night's sleep we left Brisbane for the long trek back to Townsville. We met up with a couple of fellow motorhomers for a coffee at Gympie, it was lovely catching up with them as we probable won't see them for awhile. We did a slight detour into 1770 to see if we would be able to park the bus anywhere so that we can join the family on their holiday in Oct but no luck I am afraid. No Council parking and the 3 caravan Parks are unable to fit us in. We were hoping to get to Rockhampton today but it was getting dark so we pulled into the Bororen Motel for the night, Bororen is halfway between Brisbane and Mackay. Talk again soon

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