Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yamba SA

We spent a few days going around Mildura, visiting both the weekend markets and we drove over to Gol Gol and Merbein.  The Saturday Farmers Market was very interesting it was held at the ornamental Lakes and as it was tourism week in Mildura a few Houseboats were open for viewing. We refrained from buying some of the delicious looking fruit and vegetables luckily because they would have confiscated them when we reached the border.  We did buy some dried fruit at the Angus Park shop. mainly dried apricots and chocolate covered rum and raisins.  Beautiful, they were so plump and moist, Yummy. The weather changed dramatically in the last few days we were there from lovely balmy days to windy, rainy and extremely cold atmosphere. 
Our camping spot
We spent Monday night parked on an old weighbridge just before the quarantine inspection point just over the South Australian border. 
Just pulling into the Inspection Point
Yes finally we have left Victoria and we are now only about 2600klms from home. lol   So we are looking forward to lots of new adventures in another state.  We drove 14klms this morning to Renmark and we are enjoying the hospitality of John and Pat on their property just outside Renmark.  They have a vineyard that supplies grapes for the production of wine in Berri.  We polished off a great number of yabbies for lunch harvested from the nearby Murray River.  It seems to be a lovely quiet spot and we look forward to spending a few days in the region.

Talk again soon

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