Thursday, May 12, 2011

On the Road Again

The Water Fountain in Bendigo
We’re on the road again...well tomorrow we will be.  I rang Bendigo today to see if our phone had returned from being repaired and miraculously it had just arrived this morning.  Funny that!! They also said they would ring me as soon as it arrived back in store...Funny that!!!No phone call...But some good news...the handset had been replaced as it was faulty, I could have told them three and a half weeks ago.  Next problem...and there is a next problem...My memory card wasn’t in my new phone in fact no memory card at all...Well we will ring the repair centre and if they can’t find it we will post you a new memory card.   I will ring right now and I will phone you today to let you know if it has been found or if we are going to send me a new one, I promise.. Its 4.30 in the afternoon and still no phone call....Still waiting!!!!!
Bendigo is steeped in Historical Old Buildings here are some just off Mitchell St
Well enough whinging....I did manage to visit Spotlight while I was in Bendigo and purchased some more wool for another project I have in mind.Yesterday we drove over to Kyabram for a bit of a drive.  It seems a thriving town with a well equipped shopping precinct. 
The Main Street of Kyabram, Vic
Enjoyed a bowl of Pea and Ham soup for lunch to try and warm us up.  Did I also tell you that it was -2 degrees yesterday and it was the coldest Melbourne day for some time?  Cold Brrr it was absolutely freezing.  I invested in a woollen pair of gloves and beanie at the cheap shop as a last resort to keep me warm, the wind was bitter blowing up the main street.
A statue in Tongala
We drove over to Tongala, which is embedded deep into dairy country and popped into the Golden Cow to try out there so called famous milk shakes.  They were quite delicious and I was impressed they actually served a half serve, which did me quite fine.  I am still rather biased because I think our famous Fonty Farm Milkshakes in Margaret River WA take some beating.  Tongala is the home of Nestle and a huge factory is operating just outside the main street. 
The Nestle Factory in Tongala
I vaguely remember years ago Tongala condensed milk.  Anyway the factory still looks like it is operation and keeping some employment in town.  Tomorrow we will head off to Kerang about 150kms west of here and we will stay the night.  Saturday we will arrive in Swan Hill and probably get a service on our generator as it doesn’t seem to like the cold weather.  (A bit like  Hopefully we will have a powered site and will be able to keep warm for a couple of days.

Talk again soon

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