Thursday, May 5, 2011

One Horse Power

We are still here at Ayson's Reserve and still waiting for our phone to come back.  I rang them today and they haven't even looked at it yet...two and a half weeks later....Don't you just love them....It won't be back until the end of next week if we are feeling much for them saying it would only take a week to two weeks.  Our fellow campers are leaving on Saturday so we may have to find some new companions.  We have been sitting around the fire every evening and enjoying our food cooked either in the camp oven or on a grill over the fire.  We were joined this week by a rather unusual motor home.

  See the photos, the chap built it all himself, and it has all that he requires to be comfortable.

  He has to walk up the hills with the horse and rides downhill so it is pretty slow going but he is not in any hurry.

  It is what you would call a one horsepower vehicle. He does love his animals and they seem very happy to travel together.   He did have two horses but unfortunately the other became ill. Talk again soon

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