Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!!!!
 A very special wish for a wonderful Mothers Day to my Daughter In Law’s, the mothers of my beautiful grandchildren and also to Jess a Very Happy First Mothers Day, who is the mother of our newest, precious great grandson.  May you all be spoilt and loved today and always? Also a very Happy Mothers Day to all the other Mums out there,  It is on days like today that I remember my own dear mother...Everyday I miss her more and more...I wish you were here Mum...I miss our talks.......Thank You sons for the lovely phone calls today...I miss you all heaps too...
Campaspe River at Ayson's Reserve
Nothing much happened over the weekend, Julie and Peter and Anna and Geoff left us on Saturday to carry on their separate trips into the wild blue yonder.  I meandered around the local antique and collectables stores in Elmore, yesterday and today we revisited Echuca for lunch and to buy a gas heater.  It is really cold here at the moment about 3 degrees some mornings, so a heater is needed especially now when we are not plugged into power.  I also indulged in some small purchases of my very favourite M and M’s, namely peanut butter M and M’s and some delicious white chocolate from the Echuca Chocolate Company.  Bill had a taste of their white chocolate port, he said it wasn’t a bad tipple, it even smelled nice to me.  We are still awaiting the return of my phone so we are not sure how long we will remain here, but plan to do a few short trips to fill in time.  We have actually moved, but only to the other side of the road nearer to the shed, more sun coverage.
In Loving Memory
1916 - 2005
Talk again soon

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