Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Extract from a Newsletter

I was reading the newsletter from the group we spent the weekend with recently and I was rather surprised & a little embarrassed to read the following which I extracted from their newsletter:

"The highlight of the evening was the laughter around the fire when Russell and Hedy and their WA friends, Bill and Jan returned from their dinner out at a highly-recommended restaurant. Apart from the fact that (apart from Bill), they were starving and “broke” from the high costs, Bill had gastric problems, which we too had to suffer, I might add!! Poor Denise certainly copped the most!!!! Think they’re back on the road to WA by now.............(no comment!!)” (Little do they know we will be joining them again soon).”

In regards to the restaurant referred to ( I won’t mention the name just in case) it was one of the fine dining type. You know the one I mean, where the plates are as big as the table and the meal is all lonely and forlorn looking in the middle with a drizzle of sauce. There were no vegetables’ on the plate and after studying the menu no offers of side plates either. So you leave the venue after eating a three course meal looking avidly around for the nearest fast food outlet because you are still hungry but you can longer afford because your wallet is now empty after paying nearly three days wages for your meal. You end up falling into bed with your stomach gurgling and rumbling all night. Sometimes I think these reality TV Cooking shows leave a lot to be desired if this is going to be the trend.
This photo was also in the newsletter:-

C'mon just one little kiss

Russell and Bill are good buddies.......er.........their buses are too........almost too close for comfort!!

Talk again soon

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