Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Great Ocean Road - Port Campbell

That spa was wonderful!! Nothing like a bit of pampering to soothe the soul (and body)!!  We had a lovely breakfast which was shared with a group of fire-fighters.  They were doing a burn off up the road which was good for us as the hotel normally didn’t do a breakfast during the week and as they were supplying the guys and girls with a full buffet breakfast we were allowed to join them.  I was a bit disappointed as none of them looked like the studs in the calendars they were selling not long ago LOL.  
This poor old tourist spent a sleepless night after leaving the hotel and driving his rental car head on into a ditch.  Apparently the tow truck driver wouldn’t come out until the morning and with the hotel fully booked he had to spend the night in his car.  It caused quite a bit of sensation around the hotel as the tow truck driver didn’t arrive until after 9.00 am.
Rock Formation at Point Patton
  We continued on our journey along the Great Ocean Road towards Apollo Bay stopping at Point Patton Lookout and Castle Cove.
Cliffs @ Castle Cove

The sea @ Castle Cove

On the otherside of the road lush farmland
  The weather would you believe is very wet and as we approached Port Campbell it seemed to clear a little.  We booked into The Sea Foam Apartments on the beachfront for the night, and after a quick lunch set off to check out the 12 Apostles. 
Loch Ard Gorge-The Gap
First stop was the Loch Ard Gorge and the Gap. 
This was once a cave until 100's of years of erosion set in 
 This was an original site for a Shipwreck ship the Loch Ard which was wrecked in the 1800’s with only two known survivors, an Eva Carmichael and a Tom Pearce from the 54 people reputed to be aboard. 
The Cove unfortunately the tide was in so we couldn't explore all the caves

Another view from the other side
We headed out along one of the walks to a lookout but we were very drenched on arriving back at the car so didn’t venture any further and spent the afternoon with the heater on in the apartment drying out our clothes.
The beach opposite the hotel
The rain doesn’t seem to be abating either so we are hoping it clears overnight or we are going to miss some very spectacular sites.
Talk again soon

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