Monday, February 21, 2011

Tahbilk Estate Winery

Tahbilk Cellars
Tahbilk Estate Winery was where we spent our Sunday, enjoying a leisurely lunch on the verandah of the Tahbilk Wetlands Cafe overlooking the Goulburn River with Russell and hedy.  I can recommend the Yearling Beef and Shiraz pie from the menu it looked and tasted absolutely delicious and the Berry cheesecake was to die for.
The Wetland Tour Boat
I think I will have to change my blog to a Foodie Tour of Australia as all we seem to do is eat and we can relate to various landmarks to what we ate in that area. Lol.  I think I could nominate the best bakeries from all over Australia; I could even probably rate them.  Anyway enough said about food, now I will relate a little bit about the venue. 

Barrels stacked in yard
 Tahbilk Estate Winery is located in the premium central Victorian viticultural region of Nagambie Lakes.  It is one of Australia’s most beautiful properties. 
Cellar Sales
The Estate comprises about 1214 hectares of rich river flats with a frontage of 11 kms to the Goulburn River & 8 kms of permanent backwater and creeks which is now home to the Tahbilk Wetlands & Wildlife Reserve. 
Old Cellars built in 1882
There are regular tours around the wetlands which have a diversity of animal and plant life.  Endangered freshwater catfish , also Murray Hardyhead, Murray Rainbow Fish, Australian Smelt & flatheaded Gudgeon can quite often been seen here.  Other aquatic wildlife are the broad shelled river turtle and both the long neck and short neck tortoise, also you can hear the sounds of the Eastern Banjo Poddlebonk, Growling Grass, spotted marsh and Perron’s Tree Frogs, these are strong indications of a healthy wetland area. You can also wander and even picnic in the grounds, old machinery and stables can be found and the cellars can be explored.

Grape press inside Cellars
  Apparently there are many tunnels in the cellars although most of them are blocked from public viewing.  There is also a laneway of very old mulberries trees from the 1800’s aptly named Mulberry Drive.
Mulberry Drive
  A drive out through the undulating rows of grape varieties leads to a road to nearby Nagambie Lakes, where many a regatta seems to be held.  A short walk around Nagambie and we off on the homeward stretch again.  I must say I am learning to like this area of Victoria, at the moment with all the rain it is very lush and green.  Not long now to when I will go home to meet my new grandson, hopefully he will be born before I arrive LOL.
Talk again soon

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