Thursday, February 3, 2011


We made it into Melbourne without much mishap even though the GPS took us through the centre of Melbourne.  A lunch break at the DFO shopping complex at the Essendon Airport was a small diversion and I was able to drool over wishful thinking retail therapy.  There are lots of bargains out there if you are so inclined.  I espied a lovely Coral Pink handbag at Oroton with my name written all over it but at $495, I had to leave it there.  We met Paul at his lovely 100yr old renovated home at about 3.30pm and after a refreshing cool drink we decided to brave the elements and proceeded to Chaple Street.  We parked the car in a laneway off High Street and just one street of Chaple Street and I was rather delighted to discover that opposite us were several sets of apartments, one was called the Red Tulip Apartments.  My reason for excitement was because I used to work for Red Tulip Chocolates in the 80’s and this was obviously their original factory and warehouse, now converted to trendy apartments.  I knew they were situated in Prahran but I was unsure of their whereabouts so it was an unexpected pleasure.  My stint working there is probably the reason why I am a chocaholic today.  Although Bill took the credit, and said it knew they were there all along.  I don’t think so.  While Bill spent most of his time in the Sony Centre drooling over a 3D TV I managed to wander through the eclectic collection of shops, bars and coffee shops.  We enjoyed a lovely meal with Paul and Julie and enjoyed their hospitality for the night.  Breakfast saw us again in Chaple Street to Duke’s Coffee Shop, where they roast their own coffee beans in the roaster at the back of the shop. They told me the coffee was brilliant however I have to take their word for it as I  enjoyed a lovely smooth hot Belgian chocolate with my Walnut & cinnamon granola with organic goat milk yoghurt with lemon myrtle honey drizzled over the top.  Yummo!!  About 10.00 we wended our way home via the Shopping Centre in Sunbury.  Another great day out.  Not sure of our plans for tomorrow, maybe a trip to Kyneton, Woodend  or Gismore.  Next week we intend to enjoy the company of a CMCA chapter in the area (the Bushwhackers) for the weekend.  Looking forward to it.  No photos were taken while we were in Melbourne so I have attached some photos of some lovely flowers we have seen on our trip. 
Talk again soon

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