Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mt Macedon & Hanging Rock- Victoria

The Cross at Mt Macedon
Sunday 30th January.  The weather here has been very hot and humid but we braved the elements and along with Russell & Hedy ventured up to Mt Macedon.  A lovely countryside drive was enjoyed on the way and Russell took us for a short drive through Macedon. 
I look rather small in front of the cross
 Lovely big houses and beautiful gardens are enjoying the recent rains, making the outlook lovely and green.  I have been told that often the gardens are open to the public at special times so everyone can enjoy this spectacular.  In winter as you can imagine this mountain is usually covered with snow but today it was quite pleasant.  After a wander up to the lookout we experienced the lovely views over the valleys towards Melbourne in the distance. 

 It was very hard to imagine that we are only a short way from this thriving metropolis.  We wandered our way back to the car amongst magnificent displays of flowering Hydrangeas in shades of pale blue to a deep blue up to an almost purple blue.
  Hard to describe the beautiful hues.  We drove then to “Hanging Rock” near Woodend, you may have heard of it through the movie “Picnic at Hanging Rock”. 
 Someone with their humour had hung a rock under the sign hanging by a rope.  It was rather warm at this stage so we decided to climb the rock at a later date when hopefully the weather would be rather cooler in temperature. 
The Hanging Rock Cafe
 We lunched in the lovely cafe, and don’t be fooled by their rather obscure entrance, the food was to die for.  I particularly recommend the nectarine and yoghurt cake, that we shared for dessert.  After a little wander through the displays and the attached shop we headed off to home. 

One of the friendly echidnas in the Hanging Rock National Park
 Lancefield is a lovely little village with a population of about 1200 people, rather like an English countryside.  I must say it is also reminisce of NZ with their huge hedges of neatly trimmed pine trees.  Tomorrow we are taking the plunge and are driving into Melbourne to enjoy the company of Paul and Julie.  I hope our trusty GPS is on its best behaviour.      
Talk again soon

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