Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Whyalla where the outback meets the sea

The foreshore from Hummock Hill

When we first arrived in Whyalla I didn't realise how much we would grow to love the town. The people are very friendly and you experience both the outback and the sea. For a long time Whyalla was known for their steel and ship building.

Giant Cuttlefish

It is also reknown for the annual spawning of the giant luminescent cuttlefish. These amazing 'chameleons of the sea ' are the largest species of cuttlefish found in the world and can reach up to 60cm in length and can weigh up to 5kg. Cuttlefish are intelligent creatures able to change their colour, shape and texture as they move along the seabed to imitate rocks, sand or seaweed. Cuttlefish are colourblind, they have W shaped pupils which are thought to allow them to see both behind and in frnt at the same time. They also have blue blood 3 hearts, 8 arms and 2 feeding tenacles.

The Steel Mill

Hummock Hill as Whyalla was originally known developed from 1901 as a departure port for iron discovered at nearby Iron Knob. The town renamed Whyalla in 1914 flourished around its BHP steelworks and mining operations (now owned by Onesteel)

A ship coming in to be loaded.

The HMAS Whyalla

At the Whyalla Maritime Museum is the former HMAS Whyalla the first modern warship to be built in South Australia in 1941

The Foreshore from Hummock Hill

The Town from Hummock Hill

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Micki said...

The pics are incredible. You are really taking a trip of a lifetime. Have fun!