Saturday, April 18, 2009

Point Lowly South Australia

The fishing village @ Point Lowly
Taken from the beach note the Stirling Ranges in the distance
Hi everyone, We are still in Whyalla but only until Monday when we will move on again. Thursday saw us driving to Port Augusta in the jimny to take the HF radio to be repaired. Its a long story but we were connecting the NEW radio to the power supply and Pzzt something fried. They rang today and said the radio was OK it was probably the Aerial so when we leave here we are planning on spending a couple of days in Port Augusta, so they will be able to check it out properly. Yesterday we took a trip out to Point Lowly, a lovely little fishing spot about 14km out of Whyalla then turn right, it is 22 kms off the Lincoln Hwy on the way to Port Augusta. A very nice place to stay and unwind. The Lighthouse is situated there and the lighthouse workers cottages are now available to stay in plus lots of free parking for the caravan or the motor home.

The Lighthouse

A little Knowledge on the Lighthouse
There is a Tuna Fishing Farm just of the beach near the turnoff near the gas plant.

The Tuna Farm

A Tuna Boat pulling the nets

And yes there is a gas plant nearby, not too close to spoil the beautiful views though.

The Gas Plant

We have been busy today, getting ready to move, cleaning the bus, doing the washing, even cleaning the solar panels, yes it is not all fun, sometimes we have to do the mundane things. We don't know when or if we will have power, so we have to do these things while we can.

By the way just for the record, in the Snapper Fishing Competetion the winning Snapper weighed 15.68kg not bad hey!!!!!!

Talk again soon

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Micki said...

I love all the pics, esp. the lighthouse...we have a few lighthouses in Ireland, and I love them!