Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cowell & Lucky Bay South Australia

This was taken on the way to Cowell just after leaving Whyalla. I believe it is called Iron Duke

Sunday, it was a beautiful sunny day and along with Brother and SIL we set off for Cowell about 111kms from Whyalla. When we arrived the local Sunday markets were well underway and there was also an Art exhibition going on. We wandered through the markets and lunched in the Commercial Hotel.

Commercial Hotel A lovely place to eat.

Cowell is again a fishing town well renowned for their oysters situated on the Franklin Harbour, a 48sqkm natural harbour with calm fish filled waters, has for many years fostered Cowell’s reputation as one of the best fishing destinations in South Australia. The words Cowell and Jade go hand in hand; as it is here that the beautiful nephrite jade was discovered in 1965 in the nearby Minbrie Range. Cowell Jade is recognised as the oldest and one of the largest deposits in the world, with a variety of colours and patterns not found elsewhere. Jade jewellery and souvenirs can be purchased at the Post Office.

The Black Stump placed in the centre of town between two Hotels the sign below explains it all.

I also found another best kept secret. A local patchwork shop Stitch ‘n’ Bits is located in the main street and lucky me it was open on a Sunday. A real treasure trove, not only did it burst at the seams with fabric and patchwork it also housed lots of brick back and gifts and old worldly house items. My only indulgence was to purchase some sock wool in a variegated black & white so that I could knit DH another pair of socks when I finally finish the ones I am knitting now.

The main street of Cowell the Hotel in the front is the Franklin Harbour Hotel.

About 5kms from Cowell, in Lucky Bay we stopped to watch the ferry come in. It comes across twice a day from Lucky Bay to Wallaroo.

The Ferry

Loading cars on to ferry

We arrived home in time for the final farewell for the Rally the CMCA raised over $20,000.00 towards a new F scan machine for the local hospital from gate takings, raffles etc for the open day on Saturday. The F Scan machine picks up problems with the feet and circulation for Diabetes patients. They anticipated that over a two million dollars was also spent in the town over the week. Not bad for a small group.

Is this the smallest Caravan?

Have a Happy Easter everyone and safe travels to our Motorhome friends.

Talk again soon


Julia said...

Great photos Jan.. have a wonderful and Happy Easter...
Julia ♥

Kerri said...

WOW how small is that caravan. Loving your journey. Have a great easter and happy travels

Anonymous said...

It looks more like a doggy the picks and stories.
Hope you are both well - we miss you heaps.
Love Fee, Trent, Finn, Kai and Keira xoxoxoxoxo