Thursday, April 2, 2009

CMCA Rally Whyalla

Hello Everyone,
Sorry I haven’t blogged for a week but lots of things have been happening. Don’t worry the bus is fine. We decided not to go to Iron Knob, when we drove through the town it didn’t look very exciting, although I am sure it is seeped with history. The most interesting part was the fact that emus and Kangaroos roam freely in the main streets. We sighted two in the street as we were driving through. We arrived in Whyalla on Thursday and set up camp on one of the prestaging areas before the Rally which opened on Monday 30th March. We met up with lots of friends and made some new friends as well. The whole town is going all out for the CMCA members meals are cheap at all the clubs in town and can be purchased from $6 for lunch up to a 3 course meal for $10 of course we indulged as we would. I will write about the town later as this week is taken up with Seminars, chatting, Happy Hours, Chatting. Workshops, Chatting etc a lot of likeminded people in one place and lots of potential friendships. My brother and his wife rocked up on Sunday and Monday we were ready to enter the Rally. We decided that there would be too many motor homes arriving early (some were even lined up the night before) so we waited until after 11am. It still took us an hour and a half or more to be sited. We had to take Jimny out of the trailer as there wasn’t a lot of room in the venue, so I drove behind the bus and we had to travel a kilometre and a half of gravel, dusty road to the entrance. While we were in the line we all managed to make a cuppa to drink while we waited. There are over 750 Motor homes of all shapes and sizes in the showgrounds, 302 are first timers (or virgins as I say). We have to wear a ribbon which has first timer on it. See I told you all I was a born again virgin but you didn’t believe me. But not any more!!!!!! The first timers had a meet and greet Tuesday, so more friendships were made. We have vouchers for discounts at lots of shops in town and gift vouchers for lucky numbers. There is so much to talk about, see and do that I am in a bit of a head spin. Anyhow I must go as the generator is only on for a short time and I must get this posted. We have been without power ever since we arrived in Whyalla. I promise there will be lots of new and photos soon.

The red square is where we are parked. If you zoom in you can see us

Talk again soon

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Micki said...

Looks like an intersting town and it is always nice to make new friends along the way. What a glorious trip you are taking!