Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Pelicans waiting to be fed

Hire boats ready for the day's patronage

The water from the lookout

A boat enjoying the water

Monday 24th November Kalbarri. How do I describe Kalbarri? It is a beautiful place lovely and clean with lots of pristine water. We were lucky enough to be there when the pelicans were fed at at 8.45am.

Feeding the Pelicans

They are truly a beautiful creature and one of them was named Mr Percival, now he was the biggest and greediest of them all. Again Kalbari is renown for its seafood. Lots of lovely restaurants with lots of lovely seafood. Lots of waterfront villas and resorts. There is a bit of tourism but not enough to mar the beauty of the area, I came here about 1996 on our way back from visiting the kids in Kununarra and loved it and I must admit I still like what I see. We didn’t spend too long in Kalbarri, and we were on our way again by 10 next stop was Northampton. This is a historic town nestled between three pubs affectionately called top middle and bottom pubs. We didn’t spend long here and were soon on the road again heading for Dongara. We arrived in Dongara about 1pm.Talk again soon Jan


Julia said...

I love Kalbarri too.
We did the Z-bend tour down the gorge a few years ago.
Your getting closer home Jan...
hope to see you soon.
Hugs julia

goooooood girl said...

your blog is so good......

CHEERpy TALK said...

enjoyed reading ur blog cos me too loves travelling...u can find my pics at knotablehappenings@blogspot.com and my creative side in cheerpytalk.blogspot.com...would appreciate ur comments there.