Wednesday, November 19, 2008

On our way at last leaving Port Hedland

Loaded and ready to go.

Jimny goes in

Wednesday 19th November
Hello everyone, as you can see we are on our way again. We arrived in Port Hedland midday Monday and arrived at O & W’s to inspect the bus. Now after 6 weeks in PH including a month in Perth we could hardly recognize the old girl. She was completely covered in a thick layer of red dirt inside and out. After a test run of the bus and a much needed bath we were ready to roll. Tuesday AM after a minor repair and Jimny was loaded we were ready to leave. We had to wait until the girls in the office arrived so we could pay our account and they were late (nearly an hour) so we set off about 9.15am, we were heading towards Carnarvon which is 890kms south of PH. First stop was Fortescue Roadhouse and we gave the bus a little fuel as she was thirsty. Next stop was Nanutarra Roadhouse 490kms from PH and after a coffee break we decided to spend the night here. We met some people travelling from NSW, Nancy and Tony. A truck pulled in carrying a 50tonne dump truck, and you wouldn’t believe it, but it was Fred, the owner of O & W‘s in PH so we were able to let him know that we were not having any more problems with the bus. By the way I would thoroughly recommend their service, they were a wonderful bunch of guys, not only did they let us stay there and use all their facilities but they ferried us to and from the airport. We have been out of phone range for a couple of days. We left Nanutarra about 8.00am after a nice evening’s rest. We stopped at Minilya Roadhouse about 10 for a coffee break and reached Carnarvon at about 1.00pm. We parked up and settled in, the Park is situated within walking distance to the town centre. We may venture out for an evening meal but don’t anticipate doing too much today. Tomorrow should see us fresh and raring to go. We are booked in here until Saturday. Before I go I want to wish Beth and Bill a Happy Wedding Anniversary for today (I am too tired to work out how many years).

Finn I Hope you had a lovely Birthday on Monday. Miss you all heaps. Talk again soon Jan

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