Sunday, November 23, 2008


Gascoyne Hotel Carnarvon

Carnarvon is renown as a great fishing spot, Bill has been here fishing with his mate several times. It is also home for Norwest Seafoods, and they have been trawling for prawns and scallops up here for yonk years. Many moons ago Bill went out on the trawling boats whenever we holidayed up this way. Carnarvon is often referred to as WA’s food Bowl. It produces a remarkable mix of tropical fruits and wholesome vegetables and is particularly known for its golden ripe bananas. They have some lovely restaurants we dined at Harbourside Cafe and the Gascoyne Hotel whilst we were in Town.

The Quobba Blowholes

Friday we drove 70km north to the blow holes. The blow holes form a natural spectacle as waves are forced through sea caves before exploding out through holes in the rock. The enclosed photo probably doesn’t do it much justice as they are an amazing sight as they erupt in a whoosh of water and air. We also visited Carnarvon’s heritage one mile jetty which was built in 1897. There is a quaint train that travels to the end of the jetty. Unfortunately they had a fire on the jetty not long ago so part of it is burnt near the middle.
We packed up and left on Saturday morning and our planned next sop will be Riverside Sanctuary near Galena Bridge.

Quobba Coastline

Talk again soon Jan


Lurline's Place said...

Those blowholes are amazing! Great pics!
Hugs - Lurline!

Julia said...

Great pictures Jan..
Nice to see your on the way back home..
Hugs Julia