Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Birthday

Hi everyone,

Another exciting day in paradise. Just joking. Today is my birthday and I have enclosed a picture of the bracelet I brought myself (and it is silver for our anniversary). I have relented and joined the rest of the girls in aquiring a pandora style charm bracelet. I figured it would give my children an opportunity to add on for future birthdays etc. I have also pictured my latest rug I think it totals about 9 I have made or making since we left in August. Tonight we are going out to a local seafood restaurant to celebrate our birthdays/anniversay am looking forward to it.

Talk again soon Jan


Julia said...

Happy belated birthday Jan..
How did we miss it!!
Love the bracelet, I can see it on you.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Jan, I came visiting from Julias blog! I used to quilt, I find the machine sewing part really frustratting, but I have done some hand sewn ones, and I do enjoy hand quilting! I really enjoy you gals and your wonderful quilts and crafts! I am going to follow your blog, because I have never been to Australia and I am very interested! It is wonderful to meet you! Happy Birthday a tad late..and A Happy Twenty Fifth Anniversary too! :)