Monday, October 6, 2008

Roebourne,Cossack,Port Samson & Karratha

This weekend we packed up and went south to Roebourne, Cossack, Port Samson, Wickham and Karratha arriving in Roebourne at about 8am. We drove up to Mt Welcome (or Marndu Maya in aborigine) this overlooks the town. Not much here, though there is the original Roebourne Gaol which has been made into an Arts & Craft centre and also the Information Kiosk. We arrived at Cossack a short while later. Cossack is a restored former ghost town. First used by Europeans in 1863, the new port paved the way for the pastoral, pearling and mining industries that today generate over $13 billion every year. The first significant industry to develop here was pearling, when large pearl fields were discovered nearby. By the 1800’s up to 80 luggers were operating in the area, and by 1884 more than 400 people were living in Cossack. By 1900 pealing operations were moving to Broome. Even worse the harbour proved unsuitable for larger ships. Between 1902 and 1904 a jetty was constructed in Point Samson and in 1910 the harbour facilities were relocated there. Other enterprises slowly drifted away and by the early 1950’s the town was completely abandoned. Cossack was originally called Tien Tsin. We then made our way to Port Samson, now this was a virtual paradise, lovely clean area and beautiful houses and a lovely seafood restaurant. There is no Fish & Chip Shop in Port Hedland and people travel to here just for the seafood. We were unable to secure any accommodation for the night so we booked into Cossack. We called into Wickham on the way back and went out to Cape Lambert where a lot of the Iron Ore Shipping is done. We stayed in the Cossack homestead in a lovely room reeking of Ole worlde Charm. We met some lovely fellow guests who are a nurse and Doctor for the Aboriginal Medical Centre. We plan to meet up with these ladies when we go back to Port Hedland. Sunday we visited friends in Dampier and Karratha and after going to the chemist to get some medication for the sandflies bites (I am absolutely covered in them) we arrived home about 3 o’clock.

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