Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Port Hedland Breakdown

Hello everyone,
We spent the last two days at Pardoo Roadhouse Caravan Park. The Park was lovely and green and shady. They have their own bore so water wasn’t a problem. We gave the bus and Jimny a long overdue bath. They look almost respectful now. The park boasts a salt water swimming pool and we indulged a few times. We explored Cape Kerauden which was opposite the park down a gravel road to the beach. The views again didn’t disappoint, the only downside was we paid to pay $10 to the shire for the privilege of driving on the beach. We chatted to a couple camped on the cape from Queensland and watched some others fishing. We left Pardoo on the Monday 29th September and made our way down to Port Hedland 170kms south. We stopped on the way as one of our tyres on the trailer was flat. So after pumping all the tyres we made our way to the Truck stop just out of Port Hedland. Here we removed the offensive wheel and took it to a tyre place to have the valve renewed (same problem we had earlier the valves are perishing). After a bit of retail therapy we boarded the bus and the aim was to reach Whim Creek for our next stopover. It didn’t happen. At the moment we are parked alongside a cattle yard with problems with the gearbox. After a few frantic calls to the supplier in Perth we had to settle in for the night. The caretaker at the cattle yards is a fellow traveller from Emerald in Qld. His wife is a schoolteacher. And guess what she is a fellow quilter-we can be found anywhere. They said we could plug into power and we are still here waiting to see where we can have the gearbox repaired. Our first real problem, let’s hope it isn’t major surgery and we can be back on the road soon. It is extremely hot here and the temperatures reach over 40 degrees with no pools or beaches in sight.
Talk to you soon when I have better news see ya Jan
Fire opposite where we are broken Down in Port Hedland

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