Monday, October 27, 2008

Mainly Food and catching up with friends

Monday 27th October 2008
It has been 4 weeks since we first broke down in Port Hedland and over a week spent home here in Perth and we are still no sooner to a solution to the problem. Last Wednesday I spent the day sewing with the girls here in Perth. I arrived at Pat’s with Lurline and Julia and we were greeted with lovely 160 degree views of the Ocean. Pat’s house is lovely, on a hill overlooking the beach, and decorated throughout with her creative touches of patchwork, art and knitting projects. There were 7 ladies altogether so I was able to catch up on all the gossip I missed in the last couple of months. (And managed to get a word in) Pat is an excellent cook and we feasted on a gourmet delight. I made DH envious by taking photos of the food that he missed out on (now to those that don’t know DH stands for dear husband not the other as you thought Jenny).

We spent the weekend catching up with Jenny and Shane at their farm and again Shane cooked up a delightful feast. But Bill especially enjoyed the Mulberries and the loquats which grow in abundance in their yard. Sunday saw us dining again with my Bro and SIL at Chatters in Midland and not to miss out on anything after at the Dome for supper. Now we don’t spend all of our time eating we also sleep a bit and do the occasional bout of housework speaking of which I must go and do some. See ya Soon Jan

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