Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Marble Bar

Yesterday (Tues 7th Oct) we ventured out to Marble Bar which is located 210kms south east of Port Hedland. Marble Bar is reputed to be the hottest town in Australia, hottest meaning temperature wise. However we defied the odds and picked the perfect day to visit. The weather was fairly pleasant and even cool; we were even blessed with a much needed rain. Chinaman’s Pool is a lovely place to visit; it is situated amongst lovely Rock formations and shady trees, surrounded by a grassy carpet which boasts its own resident horses and cattle. The horses were very friendly and it is obvious they are used to being fed a little bread and titbits from visitors to the site. We also met a lovely couple from the Hunter Valley travelling around Aust in a motorhome. Hello Elka and Dave. We enjoyed a cuppa with them under the trees by the pool. After lunch we ventured up to an old mine site and took some photos of the old machinery left behind. There is still a couple of working mines, owned by one man who discovered gold and is now a millionaire. This was related to us by a lovely young lady who worked at the local Motel restaurant so I can’t vouch if this is true or not but it sounds good. We were tempted to have a look around ourselves for the elusive gold but after sighting lots of signs saying you would be fined for removing any rocks from the area (about $2,000.00 I believe) the temptation soon dwindled. Just joking of course. Still the rock formations are worth a good look, I can see where they get the name Marble Bar as the rocks look marbled with colours ranging from white to the deep ochres to deep green absolutely beautiful. Well must go now as I have to venture into town to see if there is any mail (snail mail). Talk to ya soon Jan

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Fascinating geography and history - lovely to visit places to see them through your eyes - stay safe!
Hugs - Lurline.