Friday, April 15, 2011

Still in Deniliquin

We have had a couple of nights of excellent entertainment, Wednesday featured the Lady and the Larrikin a wonderful duo capable of producing the finest moments of Opera through to modern “Popera” and superb arrangements of evergreen ballads. Liza and Lachlan have many singing credits to their names and added with a little bit of comedy produce a wonderful enjoyable show.  Thursday night we were entertained by Grant Luhrs and the Chook Raffle Band, despite their unusual name they have performed in many country and Western music festivals around Australia.  Grant had the odd joke and with a bit of audience participation had most of us in stitches.
A Park in Deniliquin they also have a Santuary right in the centre of Town
  I attended one of the health seminars, while Bill has been busy absconded in the Men’s Shed doing lots of boys things.  Motorhome Conversions, HF Seminars, Computerised Routers, Pro Mar Demos, GPS Demos, RTA Shaker Demos and Geo Wiki Seminars just to name a few.

Deni is known for their Annual Ute Muster
 We haven’t been able to make it to a Poet’s Breakfast yet or the Rock N Roll Or Line Dance Lessons or the PC Workshops or the list goes on.  Maybe we will be able to see it all at the Kalgoorlie Rally in October, Closer to home Yahoo!!!! 
The Main Street into the CBD The Pastoral News is the local newspaper published on Tuesdays and Thursdays
 I enjoyed the Fashion Parade on Wednesday and a bit of retail therapy with the girls on Thursday, a lot of the stores had great discounts especially for us CMCA members.  Judging by the amount of ladies in Rockman’s, Just Jeans and Barklays I think everyone experienced a bargain.  I must comment that the Local Townspeople are extremely pleasant and helpful, many carry badges saying I am a Local just ask me, it is a joy for us to share their town.
 The ground has dried out nicely now with the last couple of days being fairly sunny, although the nights are still cold but with a $7.50 hot water bottle purchase yesterday I was pretty toasty.
  We are able to stay on for a few days after the rally for $5 a night so we may take advantage of that and top up with water and catch up on the washing, then spend a few days at Elmore, so that we can catch up with Bob and Dtwana from WA who are flying over here for a week.

Deni Town Hall
Talk again soon

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