Thursday, April 7, 2011

Return to Hanging Rock

Before we leave this lovely area there were a few things to tick off the bucket list.

This is the Hanging Rock
   Tuesday saw us back again at The Hanging Rock, this time to attempt to climb it.  There were two choices a steep, graduated climb or steps.  So we started up the path and then climbed up the steps.  

The path up the rock
  Oh boy! I nearly had a heart attack the old ticker was going a million miles per minute and the old legs were like jelly.  Talk about not being fit.  I made it up to the hanging rock platform but rested a while before I came back down.

I just love some of these trees
I guess "moir"  won’t be entering the run up the rock event on the 9th April. LOL  
Russell and Bill (behind camera) climbing the rock
 Russell and Bill soldiered on up the hill and I am sure the view was well worth it. 
The view from the top
 It looked spectacular if the photos are anything to go by. 

Another view from the top
We had also just had a lovely lunch at the Hanging Rock Cafe so that didn’t make the climb any easier. Bill sort of staggered back to the car so I figured it must have taken a bit of a toll on him also.  Russell took us back home along the road via Kerrie so that we could have a different aspect again of the area.  Today is bus and trailer wash day making sure everything is spicky again for the rally.  We had to fork out for completely new batteries so I maybe mechanically we will be fine.  I must say the weather has been perfect although rain is predicted for the weekend

Talk again soon

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