Sunday, April 3, 2011


This is me arriving in Melbourne.

I arrived back to Victoria on Wednesday 30th.  I am already missing everyone from home.  To make matters worse it is so cold here at the moment and as it is only Autumn I imagine it will only get worse. I think this last year will be a lot harder for me as I am getting rather homesick.  We are here for another week and we head for Deniliquin on Sunday in readiness for the Rally.  I have really enjoyed Victoria as the countryside is rather stunning but we don't want to wear out our welcome and we have been here rather a long time now.  At least daylight saving ended today so the time difference has reverted back to the 2 hours.  Many thanks to our long suffering hosts Russell & Hedy, we thank them most sincerely for allowing us to enjoy this lovely section of Australia.  Today we drove over to Daylesford for the day after briefly stopping at Woodend on the way.  This is obviously an older part of Victoria as it boast lots of old stately homes and old buildings.  We arrived in time to enjoy the local markets at the Daylesford Railway Station.  Lots of different foods and wares were on offer, some of european origin but also lots from the Himalayas too.  We enjoyed browsing the markets and meandering the streets of Daylesford, stopping for a lunch at the Modern Bakery Cafe.  We returned via Castlemaine, which again was a lovely old town, they too had markets but they were closing up so we just missed out.

 These photos are for your benefit Colin & Beryl, for obvious reasons.

  Guildford was a very small town on the Midland Highway and we stopped at the lookout and made it back to the bus in time for an early dinner. 
View from lookout of Guildford

Guildford is also a suburb of Perth, Western Australia and is on the way to Midland hence the mention of the Midland Highway which seemed a bit of a coincidence.

Talk again soon

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