Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Queen Mary Falls Qld

This house was perched high up in the mountainswith views all around and their own plane for when the road was unroadworthy.
We had an absolute Magic day yesterday.  We drove out of Boonah and literally headed for the hills.  We drove up into the mountains along Carneys Creek Road into rich lush green dairy country.

  The soil is so black and rich you can actually smell it.  A lot of vegetables are grown here.  Mainly I think carrots.
There are lots of fat cows here with their diet of lush green grass although this one is in calf
  We drove higher and higher and the road was steeper and steeper through mountainous terrain and into hush thich green rainforest.  The forrest formed a canopy over the road it was really beautiful. 

Now you all know I love to live near the water but my second choice has always been the mountains specially in the rain forest.  The valleys are not unlike the Ferguson Valley in the South of WA, while up in the clouds on the mountains it is reminisence of the Walpole area near Albany..  If it didn't have the cold weather that goes with it I could live quite happily here.  Now speaking of cold weather we are finally getting a taste of cooler weather although so far it is quite pleasant nicer for sleeping and we have to add a cardigan to the shorts and T-shirt for the evening.  We drove up through the clouds along Spring Creek Road to Queen Mary Falls.

Queen Mary Falls
We had a lovely devonshire tea in the Cafe and met a nearby potato farmer.  His name would you beleive was John Smith and he invited us on to his property where we drove up to the top of the hill.  From here we could view the whole area as far as Warwick and beyond.  He has lived on the farm for over seventy years.  How lucky is that!!! 

We descended down to the falls and decided that the walk was so pleasant that we would do the 2km circuit.

The only problem was we went the wrong way and we had rather a steep climb up a multitude of steps to get back up the top.

  The falls were magnificent and apparently bellbirds are in abundance in the area.  They have a clear crystal call almost like a tingle of a bell. In the stilllness of the forest it sounds wonderful.

One of the local fauna on the path
  After we continued our drive, stopping briefly at Daggs Falls and then meandering our way to Killarney.

Dagg Falls
  Quoting the brochure, Killarney is truly the gateway to the Mountain Parks where Waterfalls and peaceful mountain scenery await the visitor and the travellers are made most welcome in the true Irish fashion.  We decided to follow the river on the way back.

 The waters of the Condamine River are the start of Australia's longest river system Condamine River Gorge has 14 river crossings and is a popular 4-wheel drive activity.

This was one of the river crossing we had to cross it is called second crossing.
  After reaching what is called the Head we turned off towards the White Swamp falls until the road met up again with Spring Creek Road and took us back to Boonah.
  Talk again soon

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