Saturday, April 3, 2010

Redland Bay

Another beautiful day in paradise.  Today we thought we would take a drive and visit the Albert Valley Rovers, the CMCA chapter we met up with in Lowood and shared their Christmas party.  They were having a gathering at the Redlands Bay Amateur Fishing Club.  DH thought it was the boat club or the yacht club, he couldn't remember what but after driving around Raby Bay and Cleveland we called into the information bureau.  They obviously don't know their area very well because they told us The Esplanade was not in Redland Bay it must have been in Redcliffe.  (the Other side of Brisbane)  We had been putting The Esplanade in the GPS but it was telling us there were no matches.  DH was getting a bit befuddled by then and couldn't remember if it was Redland Bay or Redcliffe (as you do) so we drove back to the bus (after enjoying a fruit fantasy at Cold Rock in Cleveland (my favourite)) and checked up on the information.  Yes it was The Esplanade in Redland Bay but still the GPS wouldn't come to the party.  So Dh decided to ring someone in the chapter to find out where it was. I don't know why he didn't ring earlier but whatever!!! We finally arrived there and spent afternoon tea with them.  The Fishing Club is opposite where you catch the ferries to Stradbroke Island, so much for the info centre!!!!

The Aust Team in Action
 I don't know if I mentioned this but we are camped in the Queensland Shooting Complex and at the moment the Australian Rifle Team are getting ready for the Commonwealth Games.  They are practising in the 1000 metre range.  I can't even see the targets from that far let alone shoot at it.  They are extremely professional and it is quite interesting to watch them.  Its not every day you get woken up with a bang or two.  In our case we are.
The 1000 metre range
Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and we are having Breakfast with the family and sharing Easter Eggs and then  DIL & I are going to see The Blind Side at the movies.  In the evening we are going to the easter festival in Redlands.  We have to make the most of spending time with them as we will be leaving soon.  We will miss them very much.  We have got to know them very well this time after enjoying some quality time with them.
 Talk again soon

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